List of Policies

A booking form must be filled in and any change of details such as updated vaccinations, telephone numbers, etc. must be notified to the crèche immediately.
Medication can not be given to a child unless a consent form has been signed by their parent/guardian. Calpol/Nurofen will be given to counteract a high temperature, teething (where necessary) etc. but parents will always be notified before we administer medicine.
Our policy on illness in the crèche is if we feel that the child is unable or unfit to attend due to an illness or a contagious illness, you must keep the child out until they are able to attend. The full fee still applies.
Parents should ensure that they are aware of the creches emergency procedure (posted on all doors).
The doctor on call for each creche are:
Dr Grace Doyle for Child’s Play creche.
Dr Frances Glennon for Dún Beag creche.
Dr Jarlath Deignan for Millbrook creche.
Dr Grace Doyle for Glasán creche.
The creche is closed on the following days (Full fees still apply):
  • Bank Holidays
  • Good Friday
  • December 23rd to the New Year
If you are taking Annual Leave the full fees still apply in order to maintain your place in the crèche.
If your child is out sick we request that parents pay the appropriate fees as we have to maintain staffing levels.
Parents/Guardians have full access to the creche at all times, however we must remind you to be conscious of the safety of the children in the creche and keep all doors/gates securely closed when entering and leaving the creche.*
If parents are going to be late collecting their child, we would appreciate if you would let us know as early as possible.
To ensure safety and as not to offend our neighbours, we ask parents to please ensure that they park wisely e.g. not in gateways or driveways of other houses. We appreciate this courtesy.
We are fully covered by Insurance.  Our agent is Alan B. Kidd, Dublin: 01 4975465.
Any problems or complaints should be brought to the attention of the manager who will ensure that it is dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.
Any ideas or suggestions on how improve the service or quality of our service are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
 *In line with current Covid-19 guidelines, parents are no longer permitted to enter the creche. In the event that this changes, we will update parents as soon as possible. 
Thank You.
All of our creches are registered for
under the Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE)
For further information please visit: