Nutrition & Sample Menus

Our aim is to foster a healthy eating policy where children are introduced to a wide and varied choice of foods. We cater for any special diet requirements. Our food is prepared in the crèches where we fully comply with the Environmental Health Regulations.
Our Menus are designed to provide a balanced diet concentrating on fresh fruit and vegetables. We vary our menus and try to make them interesting to the child, to educate the Childs taste buds and introduce them to the flavours of healthy cooking.
On a practical note and from first hand experience we find children will eat a much better diet when they observe their friends eating in a group setting.  Parents cannot believe their children eat fruit and vegetables!
We provide a choice of milk or water as an alternative to the wide variety of juices available, which is most unsuitable for children’s teeth. This is working exceptionally well and the children and parents are happy with the benefits.

Sample Menus:


Milk or Water
Cereals, Toast, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Kiwis, Melon etc.
3 week Sample Dinner Menu: Served at 11:30am:
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Yoghurt Served at 1pm:
A variety of yoghurts, raisins, fruit, cheese and crackers. 
3 week Sample snack Menu Served Between 3:30pm - 4:30pm:
img 5209img 5211img 5213
This is just a sample of our meals. The menus change according to each crèche.
If a parent has any special dietary requirements we will more than happy to accommodate them.
All Our Creches are registered for
FREE CHILDCARE PLACES under the new Early Childhood and Education Scheme
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