List of Facilities

  1. We cater for a limited number of children in the creche.

  2. We have notified the HSE under the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and are available for inspection at any time. We aim to fully comply with all legislation and regulations. Please see the Tusla website for reports of our inspections.

  3. Each of our services have qualified and experienced staff, who give excellent care and attention to your children, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  4. We can provide care for your 3-month-old baby until they are prepared for Primary school, providing hot nourishing meals, excellent care and attention and an excellent educational service.

  5. We provide excellent Playschool and Montessori education that has practical and educational material for children of that age group.

  6. Our Afterschool programme supplies a hot meal, homework supervision, educational games, arts and crafts and outdoor activities.

  7. We have a spacious outdoor area with toys and equipment to suit all ages and stages.

  8. We own our premises, therefore ensuring that on a long term basis the service will be stationary, and will not be moving to alternative premises in the future.

  9. All of our centres are excellently located, easily accessible, and have convenient parking facilities for parents.

All of our creches are registered for
under the Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE)
For further information please visit: